Data Science meets Cybersecurity

Divergence Academy is a premier education resource for launching or accelerating your Data Science and Cybersecurity careers. Three 10-12 weeks immersive programs are starting in Fall 2017.


We bring agility to both Data Science and Cybersecurity workloads with Cloud Computing and DevOps.

Data Science

Our six-weekends course, advanced mentor-assisted course, and 12-weeks immersive program will help you master big data scale Exploratory Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Model Evaluation and Deployment.


Cybersecurity CORE Technical and Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester are immersive programs offered full-time and part-time. Both 400-hour programs can be taken together or separately to become Certified Ethical Hacker.

Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services

We provide a guided learning experience for all five AWS cloud certifications. Learn how to master, manage, and architect all AWS features and services with hands-on labs in the classroom with guidance from an instructor.

DevOps Engineering

Master the main concepts, processes, and techniques for DevOps methodologies. Our DevOps courses and labs are designed to help you improve development, deployment, and operations processes.

As CEO of a financial trading company I found myself needing the skills of Machine learning to keep our company out in front  of the competition. I’m about a quarter way through the course and already working in the IDE. The “Big Picture” is becoming more and more in focus with each class. Sravan has a unique way of conveying information..a real teaching skill…and he genuinely cares about each of his students individually…He has really taken the intimidation factor out of the whole process. It was a great decision to enrolling in D.A…and I can already see that fusing Machine Learning with our current business model is going to one of the best business decisions we’ve made…Its already having a positive effect.

John Kulbeth

CEO, Halo Trading


Dive deep with our mentor-guided course designed to fit around your schedule, level up in your career with our 6–12 week, part-time, evening and weekend programs.


We can develop custom learning programs; build, operate and transfer data science competency centers.


Data to Data Product
Data science For Managers

Hybrid Jobs are here to stay. Machines also need help.

Stand-alone jobs are becoming mainstream and getting integrated into other roles. Data Analysis, Social Media, and Business Development are the top three skills for the Hybrid job. Finance & Accounting is more than Math. IT isn’t just about the data. Human Resource professionals need onboarding to social media to business development skills to attract and retain talent. Sales is about being well-versed in all the technical aspects of the particular industry.

Future-Proof Your Career

Build a next-gen drone

Drones can do incredible things and they’re only getting more powerful by the day. And they’re not just for the military or for tech geeks!  As drones run on data through machine learning, it is clearly an essential tool for building them.

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Become a Hunt Analyst

Apply creative, lateral thinking to catch things that purely technical personnel and traditional methodology might miss.Work alongside other security engineers to set traps for hackers who try to compromise sensitive corporate and government systems.

Join our Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester Program

Create the next big app

Top of the charts apps tend to be those that make great use of machine learning. Machine learning is nothing but the easy concept that machines and apps learn.

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Become an entrepreneur

Uber is a data-driven business. It uses the crowd-sourcing of drivers as an operating model and is synonymous with Geo-surge, a data product that uses dynamic pricing to match supply with demand. Data tools can be indispensable for entrepreneurs.

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Each of the five hours of weekend Data Science class passed quickly with his easy way of holding your attention as he imparted knowledge on relevant industry topics sprinkled with interview tips. The classes were very hands-on with real  life applications. The classes were very hands-on with real life applications. I walked away from the course equipped,  having firmly grasped machine learning techniques and big data framework concepts. If you are contemplating entering the data science career path or already established and want to grow your skill-set and are seeking an option outside of a  traditional school or degree program; I highly recommend Divergence Academy. The plethora of course offerings cater to  varied levels. Entering as a beginner, I left with a solid foundation from which to launch into the next phase of my  data science career.

Bimpe Alao

Product Strategist , Transamerica

Need help with funds? No problem.

We understand that financing your future can be challenging. That’s why we are partnering with PAVE to make simple, affordable funding available for our students.

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Our attendees come from diverse backgrounds, including software development, management consulting, healthcare, education, project management, finance, oil and gas, telecommunications and more. We are democratizing data science, one company at a time.

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