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 Since 2015, we provide DFW area companies and their

workforce the advanced skills required to

lead digital transformation.  

“He who does not contemplate the future,  is destined to be overwhelmed by it.” H.G. Wells

Advanced Topics For Enterprise Companies


Predictive | Data Visualization | Data Mining


Business Intelligence

Ad Hoc Reporting | Data Warehousing

Data Architecture

IoT | Micro Services | Containers | REST APIs | DevOps

Data Platforms

DATA PLATFORMS Relational Databases | No SQL | Columnar Stores | Big Data | Hadoop

Data Integration

Data Management | Data Governance | Data Preparation

Cloud Computing

AWS | Azure | Google | IBM Bluemix

Data Science

Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Artificial Intelligence


Architecture | Application Development

Programming Languages

R | Python | SQL | JavaScript | Scala | C#


Data | Cyber | Ethical Hacking

Richland College offers a variety of workforce training courses that complement our advanced technical curriculum to serve your diverse workforce needs.


Divergence Academy Instructors

Experienced working professionals that are SMEs for the topic. They have a passion for teaching, bring real-world practice into the classroom to lead hands-on learning curriculum. Our instructors are capable of leading beginner to advanced topics.